Some of our recent testimonials.

Children's Service Leaving Care Team Testimonial

Our grateful thanks to the Brig-y-Don Children’s Charity and their Administrator for the invaluable support and funding received.


I would just like to thank you for the support your charity has given me towards my graduation. Without your help, it would have been unlikely that I would have been able to attend.

Testimonials from
2 Care Leavers

The support and much needed items Brig-y-Don Children’s Charity has given me, made becoming an independent adult a much smoother and more comfortable process.

Independence Support

Brig-y-Don Children’s Charity has kindly supported me for the last 5 years since I was 16. They have helped through to my independence and assisted me to get transport as well.

Single First-Time Mother Support

Thank you on behalf of Children’s Social Care your support will make such a difference to this young mother and especially at this time of year.


Attending university in itself has its challenges, worries and excitements, of course. However, going to university as a care leaver enhances all of those feelings, more so the worries and challenges.

21st Birthday

Thank you to all at Brightly for your recent donation of two 21st birthday vouchers for two of our Jersey Association for Youth and Friendship (JAYF) residents.

Mother and Daughter Support

All I have to say is a BIG thank you for everything you done to help me and my daughter! You can't even imagine how helpful you were for us!

Family Support at Christmas

On behalf of the children and families I am currently working with, they would like to extend their heart felt gratitude for your endeavouring support in all your efforts in sourcing such marvellous Christmas gifts.

Job Success following Training Support

Following the training, this young man secured a summer job in the UK on a farm. He phoned me today, to say he has had a great summer in the UK working long hours on the farm, but he’s enjoyed every minute.

Social Worker Testimonial

From my point of view [Social Worker], I was very concerned about the amount of stress and pressure on the family; funding this arrangement [after school club] has taken some of that pressure off

Accident Support and College Support

After having an accident on my motorbike, I managed to do a lot of damage to the frame of the bike. At the time of the accident my financial situation was not ideal and I wouldn't have been able to pay for the repairs.


Adam has learning difficulties, so faces greater challenges than most of his peers...

Thank you

Thank you card from someone who we helped moved out and gained their independence.

Social Worker

Social Worker contacted Brightly seeking support for two children who had recently lost their mother.

Mother and Two
Children Support

Brightly have helped me through some really tough times in the past year...

Driving Examination

I’m glad to say I’ve passed my driving test, and I can’t thank you enough it’s made my day. You have all been amazing help.

Social Worker

What for most people means just money, for many of our clients, knowing that you are there, gives them faith in other human being.

Thank You

Thank you letter
for help getting into
Football from Mo.