Care Leaver's Story

'Brightly has supported me so much since my little boy was 2. He was somewhat of a little terror and needed nursery to calm him down. Brightly funded a nursery place for my son and it helped me massively. Being on my own with him, his behaviour was somewhat challenging and it just gave me a short break each week, which is what I really needed.

When my son started school nursery at the age of 4, I was required to look for work for 15 hours a week which isn’t a problem until you think of the school holidays. I got offered a job, but then had to find someone to look after him in the Christmas holidays. I don’t drive so it had to be near me and the only one was Centre Point, but they required a deposit, I had only just moved house and it’s only a few weeks until Christmas. I had absolutely no money to fund the holiday club, Income Support wouldn’t help with the deposit, so I was literally stuck and had no idea what I was going to do until my support worker contacted Brightly, who kindly funded for him to go to the holiday club. I can’t thank them enough now I’m able to relax and I can start getting a bit of my life back after being off work for 5 years.


Feedback from the support worker
(Brighter Futures)

This little boy is now in school nursery and is thriving.

His mum has saved really hard over the last year to pay to move house, and they moved a week ago, so all her money has gone in to their new home. Mum went for her first job interview for many years this week and got offered a post of 15 hrs per week.

As she does not want to lose this role and it has all happened so suddenly, would there be any opportunity that you may be able to help Mum to cover the nursery fees over the Christmas period? After that, Mum will have time to get sorted going forward.

I have to say I am very proud of Mum and what she has achieved with so little support, she now has a lovely home, a settled child at nursery and the offer of employment.

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