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How the Bring Alive 75 Challenge works

"Bring Alive 75," invites corporate teams to embark on a unique fundraising journey that not only fosters team spirit but also contributes to a worthy cause. This event is set to benefit Brightly, a local charity dedicated to supporting children and young people aged from newborn to 25 years who are under the care of Children's Service.

Each team that signs up to take part in the challenge will be given between £75 and £750 depending on the size of the company. Participants are encouraged to think outside the box, tapping into their diverse skills to grow this money as much as they possibly can within three months.

Participants are encouraged to showcase their fundraising initiatives on various platforms, fostering community engagement and awareness. From creative online campaigns to on-site events, the possibilities are endless, providing teams with the flexibility to tailor their efforts to their strengths and interests.

The culmination of Bring Alive 75 promises to be a celebration of both corporate camaraderie and philanthropy and we hope you will be part of it.

Getting Started

  1. Get your team together and nominate a team captain. You can enter as many teams as you like provided all team members work for the same organisation. There must be between 2 and 10 members in each team.
  2. Sign up today by clicking on this link
  3. We will then be in touch with you to discuss your starting investment which can be anything from £75 - £750.
Sign Up Today

Brightly will:

Use our social media and website to promote your fundraising if you wish us to do so.

Provide support and help with ideas.

A few suggestions on how you can use your £75 - £750 investment

We look forward to your unique ideas but just to get you thinking here are a few options. However, we are sure that you will come up with a novel and winning idea!

  • Raffle***
  • Quiz night
  • Coffee morning
  • Sweepstake
  • Enter a team into a physical challenge
  • Car wash
  • Online auction
  • Ball, dinner
  • Easter hunt
  • Golf day
  • Race night
  • Bake sale
  • Book sale
  • Murder mystery evening

***Please note that if you decide to go with a raffle then tickets can only be sold to members of staff, no friends, family or the public can purchase tickets***.


Benefits of taking part

  • Boost staff morale by offering the opportunity to work together as a team
  • Teams will engage in friendly competition
  • Increased awareness of your business by linking with a local charity
  • Fun and engaging PR and social media opportunities
  • Networking potential with other participating businesses
  • Help to fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
  • Know that you are making a huge difference to Jersey children and young people whom we support and who are under the care of the Children’s Service
  • Increased engagement with clients, customers, or suppliers
  • Raise the profile of your workplace


A cup will be given to the three highest achievers (based on the return on investment).

How the money you grow can help

  • £100 - Crisis funding – food or electricity vouchers or 18th/21st birthday vouchers for care leavers
  • £500 - Well-being e.g., doctor, dentist, optician costs, gym membership, etc
  • £1,000 - Financial or material help to encourage and assist with independence e.g., driving lessons, household items
  • £5,000 - A grant towards the costs of setting up a first home for two care leavers
  • £10,000 - Nursery funding – for 15 pre-school children of care leavers to attend for one month

Contact details

If you have any questions then contact our Fundraiser, Wendy Nerac, by email: or call 07797 856127.

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